Customer Focus
At Bamburi Ship Chandlers our customers are our lifeline, the purpose of our business, the very reason why we are there. They say “Customer is King” and we believe outrightly. That is why we are keen to understand what our customers need and are always there to exceed their expectation.
Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Businesses draw their strengths from their suppliers. Cordial relations with suppliers are crucial for survival of the business. Our suppliers are an important link in our business life. Our rules of engagement are therefore defined: Mutual respect, integrity, sustainability, honesty and trust.

Process Approach
We control our activities, processes, functions and services with the principle of process approach in mind. This far we pay attention to all inputs and measure our output to requirements ensuring availability of resources and clear guidelines.
Systems Approach to Management
There is no better way to deliver results than having well planned, coordinated and well interacting processes. This we have committed to so that our services are predictable, consistent and always meet intended results.
Involvement of People
Our employees are our means for delivering unrivalled services. They are well selected, well trained, well measured and well appreciated.
We believe in good leadership to deliver outstanding services. Our management team leads from the front.
Continual Improvement
It has become our permanent objective to do things better than we did yesterday hence always doing better, forward ever backward never.
Factual Approach to Decision Making
Decisions make or break. It is expedient that all decisions are based on facts. This we believe and this is what we do.